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Reasons to consider a new furnace

Energy Efficiency

An older furnace is going to cost more to operate than newer units. Even if its been well maintained, it could be costing you more each month in your energy bills than a modern furnace. New furnaces are getting as much as 95% fuel efficiency, which means you are generating more heat for each dollar you spend in fuel.

Better Performance

Do you hear your furnace running all the time, but your living space isn’t as comfortable as you’d like? Do you check the thermostat, wondering why it feels cold in your house? There comes a time, when a house’s heating system can lose the ability to keep the space comfortable. If that’s the case for you this winter, it may be time to consider a new furnace.


Older furnaces require more maintenance than newer, modern units. There are ways to keep your furnace running as smooth as possible and maximize its uptime, our maintenance club may be a perfect solution for you. However, if parts are difficult to find for your unit, or you are finding that your furnace can’t be trusted to maintain your home’s comfort when you need it, then you may want to make a decision about a new installation.


Older systems are more prone to leaking potentially harmful gases. They also do not burn fuel as efficiently, meaning more combustable gas is left unused in the system, providing opportunity for a leak. If you smell something suspicious and are concerned, call us immediately.

If your existing furnace needs to be replaced, Bryant's experienced technicians can help you determine the best new system to select, and can install your new furnace equipment up to factory standards, so you can be sure your home's new comfort system is installed right.

Flat-rate, upfront furnace pricing

How much will my furnace cost? That's what everyone wants to know. To help navigate your options, we provide upfront estimates on when we visit. We want you to make informed decisions that fit your home and your budget.

Expert furnace replacement

Our factory certified installers will handle your furnace replacement from beginning to end. From removing the old unit, to showing you how to operate the new one, we make it easy. That means you can rest assured that your home's comfort is worry-free. Whether your unit is located in a basement, attic or crawlspace, we can handle its replacement.

100% Service Guarantee

When we install a new system we guarantee our installation service with our 100% Service Guarantee. That means if you are not satisfied, then we aren't done. We understand the importance of getting installation right, and we also understand that your new replacement furnace is not something you want to worry about. That's why thousands of customers like you have trusted Bryant Heating and Cooling to install their furnaces since 1950.

Selecting the best replacement furnace option for you

With expert knowledge and upfront pricing, you have everything you need to make smart, informed decision about one of the most important systems in your house. We are here to help you find the right forced air furnace for you. Schedule a visit today for a free estimate on your new furnace.

Things to know when selecting a new furnace

BTU's or British Thermal Units

This helps us quantify how much heat a furnace puts out. When calculating your home's needs, we'll figure out how many BTUs are needed to keep your home comfortable.

AFUE or Annual Fuel Utilization Efficiency

Furnaces convert fuel into heat. How well they do that is measured by AFUE. The more efficient a furnace converts natural gas or propane into heat for your home, the higher the AFUE. The higher the AFUE, the lower your energy costs.

Two Stage Heating

Your furnace contains a burner valve which controls how much heat is generated by the furnace. A two stage burner valve will have more control over the amount of heat generated. This is especially helpful in providing efficient operation on days when you don't need maximum heat output from your furnace. It will better match the output with your home's comfort needs.

Variable Speed Blowers

Once the furnace creates the heat, the blower helps to push that heat throughout the house and provide consistent comfort throughout your home. A variable speed blower will automatically adjust the airflow being circulated throughout your house to match your home's comfort needs.

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What to expect from your visit

When you schedule a visit to discuss a possible furnace installation, here's what you can expect.

A knowledgeable member of the Bryant team will evaluate your home's requirements and provide options for a new replacement furnace system. Our team can provide upfront estimates so you know exactly what it will cost. Once you’ve made a decision that best fits your needs and your budget, our certified professionals will work to remove existing systems and install the new units with minimal downtime. After your new furnace is setup and tested you’ll be shown how to operate it and an overview of the work that was done. The technician's work is backed by our 100% service guarantee.

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Robert was quick to arrive at our house. He was very knowledgable about the unit. He took his time to check in the attic, the temperature unit and outside unit thoroughly and explained everything he was doing. Robert was very kind and friendly. Will definitely use Bryant Heating and Cooling again and recommend them to anyone needing a unit looked at.

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